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At the moment, our partners offer jobs in Dubai and Malta. This exiting destinations are particularly popular in Serbia.

Soon, we will have offers in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.


It’s the biggest city in United Arab Emirates. This is the capital of Emirate Dubai.

Dubai is a global destination that attracts people all around the world. Also, it’s a business center in Middle East. Dubai is fast growing city, with extreme and innovative construction projects and global sport events.

Judging by public data, this city is one of the safest cities in the world.

Tourism is very important, and the cities budget is mostly covered by tourism.

Dubai has one of the nicest and luxurious hotels and restaurants in the world.

Because of all this, waiter, bartenders, chiefs and others have great work conditions. High salaries, covered expenses of plane tickets, accommodation, transport to work place, food etc.


Republic of Malta is a small island country in south of Europe. It is located in very significant place on the road to Sicily.

Climate is very convenient amd temperature are from 15 to 35 degrees.

It almost never snows on Malta. Last snow was documented in February 1895., January 1905. i during March 1949.

Malta has rich and interesting history, which can be seen today, in the beautiful and breathtaking architecture.

It is very popular in Serbia, partly because of tourism but generally because of great job opportunities.

Our partners there offer jobs in different fields and professions.